Tourist Attractions in the Charroux Area

The village of Charroux has many tourist attractions, such as a variety of medieval buildings, including an ancient tower used as a prison, a 12th Century church, a Clock Tower, Covered market hall and a 13th Century Gateway.

Further afield, the area has a lot to offer - with wild countryside, forests and mountains to explore, as well as many other tourist attractions. We have listed some of them here…. Click on the images for each attraction, to see more information.
Parc Le Pal
Parc le Pal is one of France's most popular amusement parks. The park brings together over 25 spectacular amusements for all ages, over 500 animals from 5 continents, and 3 amazing animal shows.
The park is set in a 25 hectare natural environment within the Auvergne, and is only 1 hour away from Charroux.
Paleopolis Park, discover the dinosaurs of the Auvergne
Paleopolis - La Colline des Dinosaures is only a 15 minute drive from Charroux. Here you will be transported back in time to the age of the dinosaurs. Guided visits and animated workshops are available in the 5 hectare park. There is a restaurant and boutique for souvenirs. The park has both permanent and temporary exhibitions, including dinosaur trails, 'Auvergne Tropicale' expo and mineral exhibitions.
Vulcania Theme Park, Auvergne
Vulcania is a top tourist destination, nestled within the Parc des Volcans d'Auvergne. This park includes rides, interactive platforms, 5D films and high-tech innovations that will allow you to experience the Earth through amazing attractions and activities. A whole day is needed to experience the whole range of activities, and this is only 50 minutes away from Charroux
Tourism Office of the Auvergne
Visit the website of the Auvergne Tourism Office to discover all that the region has to offer. Here you will find Culture & Heritage, Gastronomy & local Flavours, Volcanoes and Nature, and a full list of all activities in the area.
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