How to find Le Petit Café Bleu in Charroux

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Le Petit Caf
é Bleu is situated in the pretty medieval village of Charroux in the heart of the Auvergne in central France. The village is listed as one of the 'Plus beaux Villages de France' and has many historical sites to visit, such as the Tour de Guet (the old prison), The Clock Tower that has been ringing the time since 1549 and the Porte d'Orient that dates back to the 13th Century.

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Charroux is 20km from Saint-Pourçain, 24km from Verneuil en Bourbonnais and only 7km from Chantelle.

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An old Postcard of The Porte D Orient
A winter View of he Porte D Orient
As the Porte D Orient is today
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Le Petit Café Bleu
Restaurant -- Salon de Thé
15 rue Grande, 03140 CHARROUX
Tel: 04 70 56 88 16

Nous Contacter

Tel: 04 70 56 88 16